A new leaf!

Did you know that the construction industry contributes to over 7.8 % of Australia’s overall GDP?  Despite this, the current state of the construction industry is in turmoil.  

One of the biggest obstacles the industry is facing right now is a labour shortage. With over 100,000 job vacancies in 2022, many of the existing projects are in limbo and in dire need of immediate attention. 

Being in the construction space, we at The Skill Xchange are always on the lookout for ways to improve the working situation within the construction industry. Apart from using our technology driven platform to help businesses and subbies find opportunities, we also use our platform to share insights on what’s going on in the industry. We take it as an opportunity to share the word and spread the message when we know there is good news out there. 

What’s the news? 

Well, as Australia has slowly started opening its borders to skilled migrants and asylum seekers to seek employment, the construction industry is focusing on bridging the gap between unemployment and giving the new citizens an opportunity to grow in a career path they are familiar with. 

Often, we do come across individuals who have the experience, the passion and the drive to do the work. But without a sense of direction and the space to tap into it, all the above values go to waste.  

This being said, there is a new program in the market that focuses on helping new Australian citizens apply their international qualifications to the Australian construction workforce. 

 The Engineering Pathway Industry Cadetship (EPIC) is all about starting a new chapter with new opportunities. An 18-month program for engineers who have migrated recently to the country, the program focuses on helping the individuals get a grip of the work and the engineering industry in Australia. At the moment, the program is across Major Roads Projects Victoria (MRPV) projects. The first of its kind, this is an initiative by Level Crossing Removal Project and Training for the Future and the program currently has 19 Cadets who have successfully enrolled. 

What does the program have to offer? 

  • With on-site training and mentoring, the program is an 18-month paid cadetship course that is 100 % wholesome! 
  •  Cadets will receive hands-on experience through on the job training and mentoring. 
  • Once they complete the course, the cadets will receive a postgraduate graduate certificate in Infrastructure Engineering Management through the University of Swinburne.  

On completing the program, with a graduate degree in hand combined with their international qualifications and workplace experience, the cadets are all set to kickstart a career in the construction industry.  

To know more about the program, the eligibility criteria and more, check out the below 

EPIC program – Victoria’s Big Build

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